Sunday, July 5, 2009

More babies are born out of wedlock every day .

Four out of every ten babies born in America are born to unmarried parents. It is not only happening in America but in many parts of the world. Eight babies are born out of wedlock in the state of Johore in Malaysia everyday!

In the past, most of those babies were born by those teenagers but today, times have changed. They only constitute around 23 %. Now 60% are in the 20's and around 17% in the 30's.

Some of those women may not be officially or legally married but they are living together or cohabiting with the father of their child.

In Malaysia, they will need to get a birth certificate or they will have problems registering for schooling or for the 'MyCard' which is an identity card.They will become stateless people.

Why is this occurrence becoming too common and rapidly rising ?

Getting married today is a very costly affair. Before you could get married at home and only need to spend around RM$1K .But today you will need to have at least Rm$20K to Rm$30K to cover the barest minimum for all those wedding expenses.

Some couples borrow from banks or with their credit cards or get a friendly loan from their parents to hold the wedding . In Malaysia, especially the Chinese culture, they will receive those red packets,'Angpows.'( red envelope which contains money inside).

These days , guests will give money in red envelopes and do not buy those gifts for the newly weds.Their relatives would buy them gold ornaments . In a way , those 'angpows' would help to defray their wedding expenses.

Some of them may even make money, while some may break even and some will have to top up the cost of holding the wedding.In the end, the figure 20K is intimidating but the cost of holding the wedding is lesser or around 10K which is quite affordable to many average person.

With the standard of living rising and the depressing times, many may not want to hold the wedding or downgrade the spending. Some may just opt for the registration and photo shoot only .

Once they register their marriage, they are legally married but without the traditional and customary wedding ceremony. Others may hold the customary marriage when the times are better.

Another reason is the lack of sex education in schools. Many teenagers do not have adequate knowledge to protect them from unwanted pregnancies or STD's.Even if they know about contraception's, there is no 100% safe methods.

Our modern society is sex driven with all those pornographic materials which are readily available online and in the market .Due to the peer pressures, girls are losing their virginity and engaging in free and unsafe sex.

In some countries, abortions are free or inexpensive. They treat abortions as a contraceptive method which is ethically and morally wrong. Multiple abortions are quite common among the people who lives in those countries.

Marriage and sex are no more sacrosanct and the morality of today's teen is spiraling downwards and sex is treated like a handshake .

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