Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why men want to tell women but don't?

It is so hard to understand men or is it women! Sighs! We all know men and women are not the same and they don't think on the same wave length.When faced with the same incident,men and women will react differently.

There are major physiological and psychological differences between the sexes.The sooner we realize the differences, the better we will know how to accept and understand the man's behaviour.

Let us peek into a man's brain and see what goes on inside of them.
Not all men may think alike but generally , there are many issues which they do agree upon. It is better for them to stop their thoughts before it gets out from their mouth and start a world war.

There are some things men don't tell women.They would rather keep quiet and hold the peace then saying out their opinions. Only those unwise would commit these faux paux.

Some women have a constant need to stay in touch with their men to show that they are thinking of him or care for him. They want to know what their men are doing and whether they are thinking the same things about them in return. They would want to satisfy their curiosity about what he is doing , what's on his mind and where he is at the moment .

Generally men are not good at long conversations over the phone .They would rather prefer short and to the point conversations and not talk about the weather or other irrelevant things or girlish talks over the phone. This action by the women can be irritating and sometimes frivolous to him but he cannot express his frustrations because it would hurt her feelings.

Women love shopping and it can be a good therapy for them when they are unhappy.Some women are just 'spend happy .'Sometimes , they can go overboard and rake up huge monthly bills and cause a blow out with their men.

Women are now working and spending their own money .As long as she stays within her limits, there will be no outbreak of hostilities.However,tensions may simmer underneath his exterior and this may affect the relationship.

Another area is her physical well being. Men secretly expect their women to be sexy all the time .They cannot tell their women that they are fat and need to reduce weight or their clothes look awful.

Women have to mix and match their clothes, accessories daily and being bombarded with those choice questions every time she does that is troublesome for him. He would just say anything she decides would be fine with him and would be of no help to her.

He would not want to tell her to be more conservative about her dressings or being too sexy when they go out. Before marriage, he likes you to be sexy but after marriage, he wants you to cover up. Or it could be the opposite way.

He does not like the idea of other men ogling at his women.Similarly, he cannot tell her to be more circumspect in her work place.He may think she is acting way off when speaking to other men but he is forced to hold his tongue.

He may have problems but he would not want to tell her about it and add to her worries. Women worry about anything and everything.

Why burden her and make her suffer the pain? He is better off drowning his problems with the boys at the watering hole. He is told to leave his work related problems at his work place and not to take it back home .

Men do not really tell the truth when it comes to her cooking.They may not like it but they have to pretend to enjoy it for her sake. She puts so much effort into it and it would be a sin to tell her that it taste like aaagh!

There are so many things a man does not want to tell his wife. They don't like their wife to clean and rearrange their things,to go shopping with them, to help them clean the house,to go out with her friends,the amount they spend on the phone or in front of the T.V .

If there is love, everything will be fine.

“Love life and life will love you back. Love people and they will love you back.”
~Arthur Rubinstein

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PoisonKagero said...

Noooo... I think some men talk more than women. They can just go on and on =x

Suzie1318 a.k.a Laura1318 said...

Yes! There are such men but they are a minority.

Anonymous said...

Amazing article, very interesting and helpful. Thank you!

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