Saturday, July 11, 2009

Showing too much cleavage at the workplace ?

You can show off your cleavage as it is nature's way for you to attract the opposite sex.Men are riveted by the sight of your cleavage and boobs.

Its a sight to behold and they will never get tired of it. The perverted one's would drool .When they talk to you , their eyes are on your chest instead of looking directly into your real eyes.

If you have it , you can flaunt it but if you don't have it ,it is just too bad. Women who wear provocative attire get more attention but there is a downside to it.Showing too much cleavage is not wrong but there is a time and place for it.

We all know cleavage is a very powerful WMD .(Weapons of Mass Destruction)Most women want to feel young and sexy by showing a bit or too much cleavage to attract the attention of those men.

You should not show too much cleavage in the workplace.It is not compatible with the status of the job unless you are working in the 'Hooters' or those sleazy bars.

Showing too much cleavage in the workplace hampers a woman's chances of promotion.It would appear that you are using your sex to sell your abilities rather than your professional qualifications.

If you want to look more professional at the workplace, you should dress more discreetly and gain the respect of those people in the business like environments.Those places are more conservative in outlook. You do not want your clients to keep staring at your chest and making you feel uneasy.

If you wear low-cut tops and short skirts ,it will seem out of place in the workplace. Some may not show the cleavage but the present fashion trend is showing off the bra straps at the top and the back.

You will look less professional and may incur the ire of other female staffs and causing tensions in the air.

There has been an increasing numbers of women who are showing more cleavage at work by wearing plunging necklines , tight tops or skimpy outfits.

There are other instances where you should not show too much cleavage, when you are meeting someone very important like your future-in-laws, going for a job interview and even in those social networking sites.

Regardless of your work performance,a person that dresses better usually gets treated with more respect. Baring too much cleavage is a big mistake in the workplace. Other common mistakes are too much perfume or cologne, too much jewelry or clothes that are too tight.It is too distracting, unprofessional, disrespectful and inappropriate.

Be more professional and use some common sense. If you want to be taken seriously , you cannot flash your boobs all over the place.

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Ross said...

ladies flaunt your cleavage in the office -it spices up a dull office with a nice sexual charge and gives your male colleagues plenty to feast their eyes on ann it makles you feel more sexy and great

Anonymous said...

Well I’m teaching a class of adult students and one of the female students who has a beautiful figure and big gorgeous breasts comes into class wearing tight skimpy tops and tight pants which emphasize her breasts and her figure. She often asks me over to her desk with a question. And she gave me a present. She’s friendly to me and comes up to my desk to ask something . She must know that it really turns me on. Or is she just being friendly - I don’t know why she dresses like that in my class. I want her to get her exams so she can get into university. I want to focus on her brains rather than her boobs but shes making it difficult for me to concentrate with those boobs in my face. Ladies what do you think?

Danny Cohen Cacho said...

Great blog

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