Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It..

There is the handshake ,then the French kiss and now the girl kiss girl thingy.It is a new phenomenon started with Madonna and Britney Spears and the first public kiss they shared at the MTV Video Awards in 2003. Other young women like Peaches Geldof, actress Megan Fox and singer Lily Allen have also exhibited this behaviour.

What is it like for a girl to kiss another girl in public?

It is definitely not the same as a girl kissing a man which is more natural.Some are naturally curious and would like to experiment and find out how it feels to kiss the same sex .

It is no more unusual to see a straight girl kissing another girl in public, especially those famous personalities on the world stage.

The average Jane's are doing it at their own private house parties. It is a form of exhibition .It doesn't mean at all that they'd go further in private. It is a way of showing off and to prove they are not square and boring.

They are not considered lesbians and it is just a kind of social trend or the in thing to do these days.Being flirty and affectionate or daring and adventurous.To get the thrilling experience and being the centre of attractions.

Girl kissing girl was once associated with lesbian behaviour and in some societies, it still does.The girls kissing each other is akin to those 'tiger' shows which are performed by two females having sex on stage.

This type of girl to girl kiss may not be acceptable in some societies and considered risque public behaviour.

This new shocking and disturbing trend is catching on with the new generations.They want to experiment and flirt with lesbianism.

Who knows what they will do further when they are alone ? Will they go for the next stage and graduate as lesbians?

For those famous personalities, they want to create a layer of mystique about them but for those precocious youngsters who followed them , they are pretty naive about what is the fallout from such a practice.

Sometimes , it is intense social pressures to fit into a certain society which thinks it is fashionable but I don't know if they are mature or understand enough to deal with those complicated issues .

There is a new generations of those young celebrities who are doing it and making the headlines .They are being emulated by many of today's teenagers.It is happening more and more and some girls think it is O.K to do it. It looks more grown up and cool.

Will the men do the same ?

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Dave Free web design said...

How should I kiss a girl the first time. Girls how do you like to be kissed and boys how did you kiss a girl your first time?

Laura1318 said...

You can Google those questions and get all those answers.

Feel her out and look into her eyes and try to read her body language.If you think on the same level, just give her a smooch on her lips.

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