Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Inspirational story of a man born without arms and legs.

Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs and he plays football, golf, surfs, and swims. He is an incredible and astonishing human being.

He has a small foot on his left hip which helps him balance and enables him to kick.
He uses his one foot to type, write with a pen and pick things up between his toes.

He was born in Melbourne, Australia to a computer programmer and accountant and a nurse, but now lives in Los Angeles.

Why was he born that way ?

No one can explain from a scientific or medical perspective. It is one of those things which are a mystery to us and only God knows why he was born that way.

Life was not easy for him as he could not be independent and had to depend on those carers. When he was eight years old , he was very depressed and wanted to kill himself.

He found God and hope and with the help of his religion, friends and family, he managed to pull through to become an international symbol of triumph over adversity.
He has visited 24 different countries, touring the world as a motivational speaker

In his own words,'I realised why God had made us like this - to give hope to others. I tell people to keep on getting up when they fall and to always love themselves.'

If he can do it without arms and legs,we who are more blessed than him should not give up that easily.Life should be cherished, valued and appreciated.

When you are down , there is hope in God for He will help you to get up. Nick is the living miracle of what God can do in our life. Without Him , we would find it meaningless and would have given up on our life.

God came to save and to heal the sick.

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