Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Teacher raped by a 15 year old student.

School discipline is on the wane and violent crimes committed by wayward students are on the rise.The student of today are an indiscipline lot. They are more daring and violent and student gangs are flourishing. Even the girls have their own gangs.

Knifing,gang fights over girls and territories, brutal beatings on slightest provocations and senseless rape carried out in some schools are more common these days.

Some students even bring guns to school and there have been cases where they mowed down their fellow students in cold blood.These phenomenon does not only happen in one country but is a worldwide problem.

Most of the teachers are females and the school environment is no more a safe place as there is a lack of men teachers .If anything were to happen, it would be too late to prevent it.It is an occupational hazard.

Schools should have a security force to maintain the security in the school and protect those teachers and students.

The 32 years old teacher was brutally assaulted and raped by a 15-year-old pupil .She was alone in her classroom after lessons. She just started teaching for only a week and met with a horrifying ordeal.

Who is liable for this unfortunate incident?

The onus is on the school to protect its staff but such incidents are difficult to preempt. No matter how much you try to prevent such incidents , if it is bound to happen, it will happen .

One crazed student is all it takes and you won't know when and where he will strike. The school did not foresee that problem. It did not happen before. Schools will now have to take more radical measures to ensure the teachers are working in a safer environment.

Teachers will also have to use their common sense and do not take unnecessary risk when dealing with recalcitrant students.

We regret for what happened to this teacher and wish her well for the future.The school is not totally liable and this incident highlights the dangers that teachers will face in the future.

What has become to our youths of today?

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Dave Free web design said...

How is this possible and in the school classroom? strange.......

kamagra jelly said...

Thanks for the information!I will be a teacher in the future, I would like to be the number 1 in the education, so I agree with The student of today are an indiscipline the teacher have to be so careful about it and be being patient.!!22dd

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