Saturday, August 8, 2009

Your CDM ate your money.

Going to the bank to bank in your money in those CDM (Cash deposit machine)can sometimes be frustrating .Most banks do not allow over the counter deposit unless it is over 3K. Some may even charge a Rm2.00 for that service.

I regularly have to bank in the money through those CDM's and I have a few times encountered some problems with it. It is quite a common occurrence.

If the CDM is F#@K up,you can inform the officers if it happens during the working hours.Otherwise you will have to fill in a form and give it to the guard if there is one or go to the bank to inform them the next working day if you have encountered a problem after the bank's working hours.

If you are from a far away place , you can call their customer service but it will take about 5 days to check and settle your case.

When the machine shows an 'out of service' on the screen after you have banked your money in and the transaction cannot complete , there is nothing you can do about it. The money is jammed inside the CDM and it will not work anymore .

The next day , two bank officers will attend to the machine and take out the money and checked the computer records to verify the amount.

Sometimes, in the midst of your transactions, the power goes off for a minute,and then comes on again,your money is swallowed by the machine but there will not be any receipts or your money is not credited into your account. The CDM functions normally after the power comes on again.

The bank officers will tally their collections for that day and if there is any excess amount which corresponded with your amount claimed, then they will credit it back into your account.

If there is less than you claimed, then there is nothing you can convinced them that you banked in that certain amount.It is their words against yours.

It is always wise to count your money twice and be certain of the amount before you put them in the CDM.I don't really trust those machines. I have on occasions lose one or two notes after the machine spit out the money.

You don't have to camp near the CDM to prevent people from stealing your money like this man in China. The money is safe in the machine unless you are very unlucky and thieves stole the CDM machine from that place.

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