Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Make the first move to patch things up.

Making the first move to patch things up shouldn't always come from the one who made the mistake but it can come from the one who understands.

In any relationship , they will be problems and this is a fact of is how you handle them that will make or break the relationship.

Someone has to rebuild while the other is tearing down the house.

In any relationship , one should give in order for the relationship to prosper.

A boat cannot move in both directions or it would break into two.

The one who is more understanding and who can grasp the importance of the good relationship should bow and graciously accept the spouse who thinks she is in the right.

Most men would allow their wives to rule and make the final decisions in all matters. This way they will have peace in their life.

After all, it is the women who stays most of the time at home and run the family.

Be gracious ,because everyone make mistakes and what is important is not who is wrong or who started it but that you should quickly smoothen those 'kinks' in your relationship .

The earlier you settle those difference ,the better it is before they fester and become more cancerous..

As in the Christian teaching, settle your problems before the sunset.Don't let it become a mountain .


Anonymous said...

人生的光榮,不在永不失敗,而在於能夠屢仆屢起。 ..................................................

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johnsmith said...

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